When You Need a Free Seat in Florence – Loggia dei Lanzi

When you feel weak and lonely in Florence, and you need to think, where do you sit? I sit under the Loggia dei Lanzi.

Well, you can also be in Florence, looking for somewhere to sit just because you’re tired or it’s raining heavily, of course.

And you ‘sitters,’ in gray Milan, or in chaotic Rome, or in busy London, when you’re fed up with everything and everyone, where do you sit?

This is one of the reasons why I love Florence and I want to stay. I always need a place to recover, this is one of my favourites. I can’t imagine me sad in Milan, that city would make me even sadder.

Loggia dei Lanzi Pic

Loggia dei Lanzi, photo by Prof. Richard Mortel

Some history…

The Loggia used to be a meeting point for the Florentines. It is also called of Orcagna, since people attributed to this great Italian artist the design and execution, or of Signoria, from the name of the square, or, most commonly, dei Lanzi. Why dei Lanzi? Cause the German mercenary Landsknechts, soldiers who used to gather here under Cosimo I,  are called in Italian “Lanzichenecchi”, in short “Lanzi”. About the Landsknechts in Florence, this is a long story.

Back to the Loggia, it contains 11 sculptures by great masters of the Renaissance and from Roman times. The only bronze statue is the Perseus by Benvenuto Cellini and it is great, but my favourite is the Rape of the Sabines,  by Giambologna, on the right.


Rape of the Sabine Women, by Christian Baudet

That is my corner, I think I am in many of the pictures that tourists took in the area 🙂

Italian language…

In Italian a loggia is a traditional construction adjoining a building. It is open at least on one side, sometimes a few steps higher than the street floor, made of arches and originally destined to people meetings.


My apologies to Milan-lovers, but I really have strong prejudices. I’ve been to Milan, it just doesn’t suits me. It is not politically correct to blame other people’s city, but well, if I can have my blahblahblah about how much I love Florence, let me blahblahblah about my non-love for Milan.


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