Trip: Visit to the Moorish Castle of Sammezzano in Tuscany

Italians should know this place, since this video is really famous… Today I’ve been here.

[See a few of my non-edited pics in a new window].

Let me tell you the story of me and this amazing colored castle. I had seen its images on the Internet and I had decided I wanted to go! Why? Apparently it has nothing to do with everything that we know from postcards to be Tuscany, Chiantishire, Renaissance, Medici and whatever. I asked around to Florentine people and nobody seemed to know exactly its story. My Florentine family told me that there used to be a restaurant and other unfortunate businesses had preceded and followed. No blog or website had relevant information about how to visit it, they were just displaying super-attractive psychedelic pictures of the mysterious building and its rooms, this is the best article that i finally found. Oh yes, let me show it to you:

The Moorish Castle of Sammezzano

The Moorish Castle of Sammezzano, by Paebi

I was determined to see it. I wrote to the Municipality of Reggello, province of Arezzo, they informed me that the castle is a private property, but that the FPXA Committee (founded 2012) was in contact with the owner and had the possibility to organize rare visits to it.

The FPXA Committee told me that the villa had been closed for over 20 years and the building had no electricity or water (that is to say: no working toilets). The only way to reach it would be a climb of about 1,5 km along the street going through the wide park surrounding the castle, a street which was unfortunately swamped with landslides in several points.

Each opening must be agreed with the foreign company and organized on voluntary basis, for small groups (security reasons) and so on.

Then the web informed me that the owner is Palmerston Hotels & Resorts. So this is the story: while waiting for the resort to open its gates everyone is struggling to see its beautiful rooms. After half an hour that the FPXA Committee had opened subscriptions to visit the property on October 19 eight hundred applicants had sent their forms. I was too late, but luckily the Committee decided to open Sammezzano’s gates even on the following day, to give everyone this great opportunity and I went there with my flatmate Matteo 🙂

Learn more about this castle’s history in Italian or  read more in English, if you prefer.

See more pictures of the castle on Flickr and on Photographer Andrea Parisi’s Facebook

The Peacock Room, by Sailko

The Peacock Room, by Sailko

For those who speak Italian or would love a virtual tour:


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