Forest of Leccio, Reggello, Tuscany

Maybe you’ve seen a picture like this in my Facebook area:

Me in the forest of Leccio, Reggello.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Me in the forest of Leccio, Reggello. Do you know what the hell is this tree? I don’t. However, thank you Matteo for this amazing image

I wanted you to guess: where am I? Yes, it’s easy having a title and a photo description :p

After visiting the Moorish castle of Sammezzano in Tuscany Matteo and I went through the woods surrounding the area. The good news is that access to the park is free at any time of the year! The view is something you really wouldn’t expect from post-card Tuscany: a forest made of 57 giant redwoods – for those who don’t know anything about trees: the world’s tallest living ones, real green monuments with spongy trunks 🙂  – The Uk claims that the tallest sequoia is British, let’s say Scottish… You can hug it in Argyll, and it is about 209 feet tall, while Americans of course say it’s in the US.

Who cares? My amazing discovery is that to meet redwoods you don’t need to fly to California (or the UK)! Europe and also Italy are actually crowded with century-old sequoias. I should thank an Italian tree-hunter blogger for that (see his amazing gallery)

I am a tree hugger so this destination was really ideal haha

Me hugging a Tuscan sequoia

I know, I should get a boyfriend… well, I’m working on getting a dog, I swear. However, again: thank you Matteo for the pic. To all photo-stealers ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED!

Oh, can I show you the giant twin sequoia? Another wonderful treasure of this forest 🙂

You will find other Tuscan sequoias in Cortona al Campaccio and in Cicogna, Terranuova Bracciolini (both province of Arezzo); at the Castle of Uzzano in Greve in Chianti and at Villa Querci in Lucca. A a giganthea sequoia is preserved inside the park Villa Torre il Palagio of Cavallina, Barberino di Mugello .

Anyone hugged other sequoia trees in Tuscany or Italy? I guess there are not many crazy redwoods-huggers…


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