Video – The Wine Tabernacles

If you enjoyed my post about the Florentine wine holes why don’t you watch this video made by the students of a local school?

The Wine Tabernacle

The Wine Tabernacle

To refresh your memory: A Wine Tabernacle (in Italian buchetta del vino or tabernacolo del vino)  is an architectural element of Renaissance times. It is a 40 cm door-like hole closed by a shutter in wood, crowned by an arch and framed by bricks often in the typical “bugnato” style, very common in local wealthy families’ ancient houses. The Wine Tabernacles have no religious significance, as tasty wine glasses and bottles have been passing through their arches for years.

They were wine vending windows, or, let’s say, walk-up wine bar! Find more historical information on my post and watch some of the wine holes in this video:


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