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My hometown, in the Marche region: Civitanova Marche.

Me and the fisherman's typical boat

Me and the fisherman’s typical boat

A city of about 40,000 inhabitants, where I grew up with my dear friends and family.

My life in Civitanova

About me

I dropped a 3-year course of IT and automation engineering to study languages, because that was not my place. I was tired of being locked home with books and computers. I wanted to stop being static, to step outside, make the strange familiar and the familiar strange, and to live life on that change of perspective.
I went to Manchester, I became a Couchsurfer thanks to my landlord and friend Rob, then I graduated in languages while writing and getting the Italian license of journalist, and I finally started to work in the publishing and communication industry. I am pretty proud of this, since during my studies everyone I met was always confused about how I would conjugate my passion for IT, writing and traveling.

That is how I became bilingual editor and social media manager in the traveling/tourism industry, and so the story goes…

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