Florence (It)

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No, when I first came here I hadn’t watched this, yet.

In 2012, a time when every Italian is either leaving the country in the hope of finding something better, or rather stubbornly sticking to the hometown to preserve roots and culture, I’ve decided to stay in the middle earth.
I’ve left my hometown and family, with the related small reality and the few beloved people. I just felt I needed something different. My destination still remains the foreign, but I’ve decided to discover Italy, starting from Florence.


Freshly graduated, I was ready to fight and enter the working market. Unluckily the market was not as ready as me, stupid economic crisis.

After a period as work-alcoholic and not much money, I had decided to leave, even if my adoptive family had been great and I really loved the city, BUT I found a new job that seemed interesting. I canceled my flight to Manchester and I decided to give more time to this city.

About my Florentine period

A view over the city, by Mathew Knot

A view over the city, by Mathew Knot


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