Santiago (Es)

Go straight to the content (in Italian).

Where should I start from?

I was disappointed by Italian politics and the big fail of we students, who didn’t have our voice considered by politicians. Oh yes, and I had watched this:

I needed to complete my studies quickly, recover the lost time and escape a dying country.  I wanted to improve my English, and I had a flat ready to welcome me in Manchester, but that city was not an option for people of my faculty. I loved Brazilian Portuguese, and I wanted to learn the language, but I didn’t get the scholarship for Portugal – luckily, ’cause Portuguese Portuguese has NOTHING to do with Brazilian Portuguese!

Santiago, the Cathedral. By Fresco Tours

Santiago, the Cathedral. By Fresco Tours

Third choice: Santiago de Compostela, because I knew it was cheap and because it was nine months, the longest possible time. Can I tell the girl who renounced to that how stupid she was? Stupid girl!

One of the best times of my life, most challenging, rich with some of the best people I ever met (all content in Italian)


Santiago, by CompostelaVirtual


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