Let me Thank my Creative Fighters

“Cari giovani siete nati per combattere. Combattete.”

Il latino iuvenem, da cui il termine italiano, ha radice nel sanscrito yuvan (“forte, vigoroso”): è giovane chi ha l’età per combattere. Oggi più che mai l’antico termine ha valore: in un Paese che non li aiuta affatto, i nostri giovani si trovano a lottare duramente per sopravvivere e per difendere la propria dignità. Chi li accusa di non avere spina dorsale evidentemente non li conosce. O forse ha problemi con il sanscrito.
[Società Dante Alighieri]

Beware Italian friends: it’s raining sugar.

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by creative fighters, who constantly remind me how important is to give birth to ideas and projects in life. They exude vibrant passion.

When I was looking for a job my friend Lorenzo couldn’t stop repeating me that I should strive to create something mine, instead of adjusting myself to other people’s mediocre projects. At first I was upset with him, because you cannot eat ideas – to feed ideas and make them economically rewarding you need time and money – but once I found a new job I started concentrating on my thoughts, as he had suggested. So I guess I should thank Lorenzo after all. He’s my former boss and one of my models, because he’s a great fighter in life: he’s always going on with his new and old projects, no matter what his difficulties or personal limits are.

Another thank-you goes to Enrico, a very dear friend, pretty much involved in the hard world of music. His passion and commitment truly are part of my daily inspiration, and I am also very proud of him. I hope he, his music, his newborn music label and his radio show will never experience a lack of energies, in spite of obstacles…

Then, one year ago, while I was leaving my city for Florence, my friends Alessandro and Donatella left Italy, looking for a better future, which I am completely sure they will get. Now they’re living in London: Alessandro will be a great soundtrack composer, a part from being a great woman’s future husband. About that woman, I’m just waiting for her big news to come, I know they’re around this or that corner.

I'm Anita jazz band after winning the Yellow Award at the Viterbo Jazz Contest.

Alessandro and his colleagues from I’m Anita jazz band, after winning the Yellow Award at the Viterbo Jazz Contest. See their sparkling eyes? They got it! Listen to their music.

Well many other friends have decided to stay in our hometown, and I really cannot say about any of them “he/she is not a fighter”: they fight to build their restaurant, they fight to get their own family, their dreamed job or their own home. Sometimes they fight against diseases, probably the worst enemy.

To solve life problems and turn them into one of your successes you must be a creative and a fighter.

Do not ever stop to be such person in this world, because what you create makes the world as everyone can see it. I can’t stop encouraging friends around me to fight for their dreams, because I’ve learned that if you don’t do your best you’ll never turn reality into a place that you, and me, would better enjoy.

Thank you my friends for being as you are, for giving me strength to make my dreams real, and to better my world. In spite of what Berlusconi, Renzi, Mafia etc did and still are doing on this same corner of spaghetti&mandolino land, we’ll turn this world upside down.

So this is another reason why I’ve just said No to two ‘managing’ part time jobs. Another reason is that one of my present bosses said he would counsel me and help me make my projects real and profitable.

So I will focus on my already existing and very interesting part time and side jobs, while investing my free time and money in myself, my travels and dreams.

And a dog, I am definitely ready for a dog.


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